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Friday, February 24, 2006

Qikblogger wins best eCommerce Web Applicationz at IEEE360

Yup, Qikblogger won the best eCommerce Web Applicationz at IEEE360

Now, one needs such encouragement... esp Qikblogger !!! I feel good for Qiklogger.

Congrats Qikblogger Krypton!!!!

Hip Hip Hurray!!!

Hip Hip Hurray!!!

Hip Hip Hurray!!!

Qikblogger Krypton 0.9 BETA release in DBIT

Yup, Qikblogger is in its BETA and running in DBIT (Don Bosco INstitute of Technology)

Soon the BETA would be available for download... :p

Hope things wrk good in college. Presenlty in on the intranet on DUCS machines.

Hope there is wave of bloggin in collge.... :d

OKI happy blogging!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Qikblogger Krypton 0.9 BETA release (temporary)

Hey guys... howdy ?

I knw there hasn't been a lot of activity here... bt then it happens when you are the only one (*sigh*) working on the project.

So wats up ?

You can test the Qikblogger Krypton 0.9 BETA release @


Any bugs ?? (Well, i knw lots of them.. bt do let me knw from ur side)

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Qikblogger Krypton 0.9 pre-alpha is now released

Check the Sourceforge.net Project Information Page for screenshots and download information.

Would like to thank everyone(family & frnds) who helped me to achieve this personal milestone. Sreepathi requires a special mention here for being available for discussions (also he was the only one with whom I discussed about this project. Thnks DuDe!)

The release is code named Krypton (why?) . Its incomplete and has a lot of bugs (LoL!)

I would be shortly forming the Qikblogger Development Team (consisting of students from 1st and 2nd year from my college) for UI Coding and Documentation.

Stable and Public Release 1.0 is exepected in the last week of January.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Why I named it Qikblogger?

Qik - bcoz I intended to (and which I did) code the major chunk of Qikblogger within a week.

Blogger - bcoz its a clone of Blogger.com (I made this pretty clear tat I jst LOVE it!)

Friday, November 18, 2005

Qikblogger is launched !!!

Qikblogger is now hosted on Sourceforge.net

To know more about Qikblogger do visit Qikblogger Homepage

Also check the Qikblogger Project Information Page on Sourceforge

On this blog we would keep you updated of whats happening with Qikblogger and its Team.

Lets have FuN and Happy Blogging !

[Blog would be active only after 20th December 2005]